Azerbaijan says Iran-Armenia fraternity continues to pose threat to region

Today, the brotherhood of Iran and Armenia remains a threat to the entire region, Aykhan Hajizada, spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry, said on Friday. 

Hajizada was responding to the unfounded allegations voiced by his Iranian colleague Nasser Kanaani, News.Az reports.

He noted that over the past 30 years, Iran has, in fact, with its tacit consent, turned a blind eye to Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijani territories. 

"It is well known that Iran ignored the occupation of Karabakh and East Zangazur and the plundering of these territories, the sale of stones demolished from houses in these territories in Iranian markets, the destruction and desecration of 65 of the existing 67 mosques," the spokesperson said. 

"Against the backdrop of the abovementioned, we strongly condemn the statement of Nasser Kanaani, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran. This statement is the next step toward the crisis in the relations between Azerbaijan and Iran," Hajizada added. 


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