Azerbaijan strengthens control measures on import of oranges from Iran

Azerbaijan's Food Safety Agency continues control measures in connection with import of food products, reports.

As part of the control measures, a phyto-sanitary inspection of batches of oranges imported from Iran was carried out, and the product samples were examined in the laboratory of the Azerbaijan Institute of Food Security.

According to the results of research protocols for 1,098 tons of imported product (from January 1 to February 23, 2023) in 54 cases, a quarantine pest, citrus tristeza virus, was detected.

The relevant notification was sent to the National Plant Protection Organization of Iran and a response was received that the discrepancies which have arisen will be studied and information will be provided on the results.

However, this information hasn’t been provided so far, and the discrepancies continue to be revealed in batches of oranges imported from Iran. In this regard, the agency further strengthened control measures in this direction.

The Food Safety Agency continues consistent measures to protect public health, provide the population with safe food and take appropriate measures to prevent illegal actions aimed at violating consumer rights.

The agency is a state institution under the responsibility of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan, established to ensure regulation of food security.

It cooperates with World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, World Organization for Animal Health, International Organization for Standardization, European Union and others.

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