Azerbaijan supports Turkiye in the issue of energy security - Ambassador

"Turkiye and Azerbaijan pursue a strategic policy by standing away from events despite their geographic positions," said Turkish Ambassadorto Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci in his speech in front of participants of Diplomacy Week on "Turkish-Azerbaijani Alliance Relations after Shusha Declaration, New Regional Realities, and role of Turkiye in Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh", reports.

Ambassador has noted that Turkiye and Azerbaijan are two brother countries situation in the middle of east and west and the countries which develop bilateral relations in all senses: "Azerbaijan supports Turkiye in the issue of energy security. Azerbaijan makes delivery to Europe by passing gas lines through Turkiye. Azerbaijan's gas exports can not fully supply Europe with gas. But delivery of Azerbaijani gas to Europe via the lines passing through Turkiye prevents Russia's threats against Europe for now. However, it can not last forever. Azerbaijan and Turkiye also intend to develop these relations with the third countries."

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