Azerbaijan – the host country of an internationally important Summit (ANALYTICS)

Azerbaijan has been actively involved with various international organizations, participating in diplomatic, economic, and cultural activities on the global stage. United Nations, Council of Europe, OSCE, OIC, and NAM, are some of the key international organizations with which Azerbaijan has had engagements.

Azerbaijan is the initiator and organizer of several globally important events.

On 6-7 July 2023, Baku hosted the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), an institution of 120 member states across four continents. It was the last major event of the NAM organized under the chairmanship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, after the summit this March on post-pandemic recovery in Baku, where issues related to global governance and post-pandemic recovery were discussed.

On November 20, 2023, Azerbaijan hosted an international conference on "Development of women's rights and empowerment" of the Non-Aligned Movement.

From the first days of its membership in the Non-Aligned Movement, Azerbaijan tried to strengthen the positions of this organization on a global scale, and with its initiatives and practical steps, made a great contribution to the organization of the Movement at the institutional level.

During the chairmanship of the Baku, this process became even more intense, and the "Bandung Principles", which express the reason for the establishment of the organization, gained real content, and a favorable ground was created for the intensification of relations between the member states for the sake of fairer world order.

Officials of the Non-Aligned Movement member countries, including 15 ministers, as well as representatives of states with observer status under the institution, representatives of about 10 international organizations, as well as high-ranking officials as special guests, in total, delegations from more than 50 countries of the world attended the conference.

Azerbaijan is a member of the United Nations and actively participates in various UN programs and initiatives.

On November 24, the Summit meeting of the UN Special Program for the Economies of Central Asian Countries - SPECA was held in Baku. Hosting SPECA week and organizing the SPECA Summit in Baku is a global success of Azerbaijan.

The organization of the SPECA Summit under the chairmanship of President Ilham Aliyev in Baku, the visit of the leaders of some non-member countries to the event as the first person and the leaders of some non-member countries, as the participation of leaders and influential figures of numerous global institutions, are indicators of the strength of the country's position.

Within SPECA Week, an economic forum was held on the theme "Transformation of the SPECA region into a global communication hub". This event is of exceptional importance in terms of bringing the economic partnership and effective cooperation between the Central Asian countries to a higher level.

Since its inception, SPECA has attached great importance to transport and logistics relations. Today, the importance of increasing cargo transportation along the Middle Corridor is clearly felt. In order to attract more cargo to the Eurasian transport corridors, increase international transit opportunities, to expand the national economies, the issues of digitalization of transport operations are reviewed from time to time, and ideas were exchanged regarding the elimination of existing obstacles to increase the competitiveness of transit-logistics operations.

According to the figures mentioned during the discussions at SPECA meetings, in 2022, the value of Azerbaijan's trade turnover with SPECA countries will increase 3.6 times and reach 1.3 billion dollars. In the 10 months of the current year, that indicator was 1.2 billion dollars, which is about 16 percent more than the same period last year.

Moreover, Azerbaijan achieved positive results in terms of the volume of exports within the program. Compared to the same period last year, Azerbaijan's exports to the countries participating in the program increased by 82 percent in the 10 months of this year.

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