Azerbaijan to release 65 female prisoners under amnesty act

The amnesty act, announced in connection with the Victory Day of Azerbaijan, has covered 65 female prisoners serving sentences in correctional institutions of the Justice Ministry's Penitentiary Service, the ministry's official, Aynur Sabitova, said on Friday. 

Sabitova said that the term of punishment for 40 women was reduced by six months, 24 women were released from serving their sentences.

"One of the women covered by the amnesty is being treated against drug addiction," she added. 

The Azerbaijani parliament approved a bill on the declaration of amnesty in connection with Victory Day on November 5, 2021. So far, the amnesty has covered 1,787 people.

The amnesty act is expected to cover a total of 15,000 people.

Prisons, interior, executive structures, or preliminary investigation committees were instructed to ensure the amnesty procedure within four months from the date of entering the document into force.


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