Azerbaijani army units do not open at civilian infrastructure - MoD

"The information spread by Armenia about the alleged targeting of the civilian population, objects and infrastructure by the Azerbaijani Army does not reflect the truth," reports citing Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defence.

The Ministry noted that this is the next disinformation spread by the Armenian side: "The counter-measures in response to Armenia's provocations are local in nature and directed against legitimate military targets that are firing points.

The retaliatory measures are small-scale and targeted in nature and aim to ensure the security of Azerbaijan's borders and put an end to Armenia's provocations."

Azerbaijan's MoD emphasized that targeting civilian objects and innocent people is a standard military methodology used by the Armenian armed forces: "During the 30-year occupation and the 44-day Patriotic War, it was the Armenian side that deliberately and purposefully targeted Azerbaijani cities and civilians with ballistic missiles and cluster munitions."

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