Azerbaijani Embassy in Türkiye shares pre-election updates

The Azerbaijani Embassy in Türkiye has provided an update on the pre-election preparations ahead of Azerbaijan’s snap presidential election scheduled for February 7.

In a statement, the Azerbaijani Embassy in Türkiye revealed that the pre-election process is well underway, with active involvement from Azerbaijan’s Consulates General in Istanbul and Kars.

According to the Embassy, polling stations No. 46 and 47 have been established at the Embassy, while the Consulate General in Istanbul accommodates stations No. 53 and 54, and the Consulate General in Kars features station No. 55. “Azerbaijani citizens aged 18 and above, residing in Türkiye or on a long-term overseas mission to the country, can exercise their voting rights by presenting their ID card or domestic passport at the designated polling stations from 08:00 to 19:00 local time on the day of the election,” the embassy said.

The addresses of the polling stations are as follows:

Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Türkiye: Diplomatik site, Bakü street No:1, Oran/Ankara;

Consulate General in İstanbul: Zeytinoğlu Avenue No 65, Akatlar, Beşiktaş / İstanbul;

Consulate General in Kars: Yusif Pasha district, Heydar Aliyev avenue N: 9, Kars / Center;

For further inquiries, the Embassy hotline is available at: +90 535 577 61 68 

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