Azerbaijani Health Minister responds to groundless accusations of French and Armenian representatives

Azerbaijani Health Minister Teymur Musayev has lashed back at groundless accusations against Azerbaijan from the representatives of France and Armenia at the 73rd session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe held in Astana, reports.

Minister Teymur Musayev noted that the anti-terrorist measures were implemented in order to restore the sovereignty and constitutional order of the Republic of Azerbaijan and to clear the territories from the illegal Armenian armed groups.

Representatives of various international organizations had a number of visits to the Karabakh region. The reports prepared as a result of these visits indicate that civilian infrastructure, including schools and hospitals had not been damaged. Residents of the region also told the missions that there had not been facts of violence against them, as well as destruction of civilian and agricultural facilities, the minister added.

Teymur Musayev also emphasized that all these issues were covered by the reports of the Armenian office of UNICEF and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Musayev recalled the statements of the Prime Minister of Armenia on September 21 and 23, which stated that there is no danger to the Armenian population.

All these facts once again prove that accusations made by the representatives of France and Armenia are groundless, the Azerbaijani Health Minister underlined.

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