Azerbaijani MP: Collaboration of Pashinyan’s grandfather with Nazis proves Armenia’s anti-humane policy

The information that the grandfather of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan collaborated with the Nazis during WWII once again proves this country’s anti-humane policy, Azerbaijani MP, Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on international and inter-parliamentary relations Samad Seyidov told News.Az.

As for Armenia’s attempts to hide this fact, the lawmaker noted that this country’s leadership pursues a fascist ideology to cover up its crimes committed based on this ideology.

“Armenia’s policy is an attempt to deceive the immune system of international law. That is the tragedy. Therefore, the earlier we say at the international level that this is “ordinary fascism”, the sooner we will find a cure for it and the faster humanity will get rid of this ideology,” he said.

The parliamentarian also said that despite the victory over fascist Germany, the ideology of fascism still exists.

“This ideology [fascism] exists not far away, in neighboring Armenia. Based on this ideology, the crimes that we are now suffering from – ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis, Khojaly genocide, occupation of territories, creation of a buffer zone – were committed. These are all the terms that fascist Germany used in the war against humanity. Now they are an integral part of Armenia’s policy,” Seyidov added.


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