Azerbaijani MPs express support for eco-activists’ peaceful protests on Shusha-Lachin road

Azerbaijani lawmakers on Friday expressed their support for the ongoing peaceful protests of Azerbaijani eco-activists and NGO representatives on the Shusha-Lachin road, News.Az reports.

Speaking at a parliamentary session on Friday, MP Siyavush Novruzov stated that the environmentalists of Azerbaijan have been protesting against the plundering of natural resources and damage to the environment of Azerbaijan for several days.

"We are with them, and we support them. We believe that they are on the right path, and we are going to support them to the end. The active involvement of our youth in this peaceful protest is commendable," he said.

MP Razi Nurullayev noted that the peaceful protests should have taken place a long time ago.

"The Armenians use this road for plundering, they commit environmental terror on our territories. I believe it is necessary to widen the process and increase the demands," he noted.

For the fifth straight day, environmental activists, representatives of non-governmental organizations and volunteers from Azerbaijan have been holding peaceful protests near Shusha, close to the post of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, which is temporarily stationed in the area. 

The protesters demand that temporary Russian peacekeepers prevent illegal exploitation of Azerbaijan’s natural resources in the region.


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