Azerbaijani president instructs to restore Dashalti village in Shusha

As part of their trip to the city of Shusha on March 16, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, first lady Mehriban Aliyeva and their daughter Leyla Aliyeva arrived at Dashalti village of Shusha district.

The head of state gave instructions to restore the village.

Special Representative of the President in Shusha Aydin Karimov: This is the Great Kirs Mountain. One of Shusha's water sources comes from its foothills.

First Lady: Is this considered New Dashalti?

Aydin Karimov: Yes.

First Lady: And that is Old Dashalti.

President Ilham Aliyev: Our servicemen came from there. This is a beautiful view of Dashalti village both on the right and on the left. Dashalti village was also liberated from the occupiers. Our victorious army rose from Dashalti, crossed the steep cliffs and entered Shusha. Ahead of us is Great Kirs Mountain. The beautiful nature of Azerbaijan is right before us. Whichever way you look, there is beauty and greenery. This is the land of Azerbaijan, the land of Karabakh. From now on, the people of Azerbaijan will live here forever.

The village of Dashalti, occupied by Armenian invaders in 1992 was also subjected to all-round terror. President Ilham Aliyev gave instructions to restore the village.


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