Azerbaijani President: We are increasing cargo handling capacity of Trade Sea Port up to 25 mln tons

“When we were incorporated in the Belt and Road Initiative, we already came with infrastructure, which was available. What we are doing now? We are now only upgrading,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by the China Media Group media corporation, News.Az reports. 

The head of state noted that the growing volume of cargoes from East to West would create problems in handling the cargoes, and found the need to upgrade the Trade Sea Port capacity up to 25 million tons.

“Though, we have the biggest trade fleet in the Caspian among all other Caspian littoral states, but we are building new vessels, tankers and cargo fleet in order to be able to bring more cargoes. Now, we are planning to expand our shipyard, so that we can produce not from six to eight, but maybe from 10 to 20 vessels per year. Because the need for vessels in Azerbaijan and also in the Caspian is growing,” the head of state noted.


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