Azerbaijani products showcased at expo in China

The event became the first international exhibition of Azerbaijani products held in China this year. All international exhibitions scheduled to take place in China have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic in the first half of the year. 

Azerbaijani grape and pomegranate wines, alcoholic drinks and pomegranate juices on sales in China were displayed, as well as sold at the "Made in Azerbaijan" national stand. The local visitors showed great interest in Azerbaijani products, and preliminary agreements with more than 30 local wholesalers to sell these products in different regions of China were reached.

This year’s exhibition held under the slogan "The Strength of the brand", was twice the size of last year's exhibition, with more than 200 local and foreign companies displaying about 6,000 types of beverages. The fact that it has become the first alcoholic beverage exhibition in China held in 2020 with participation of the world's leading wine producers such as France, Spain, New Zealand and Chile gave it additional significance attracting about 35,000 people.


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