Azerbaijani volunteers help quake-affected people in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaras

Azerbaijani volunteers continue their efforts to help the quake-affected people in Türkiye’s Kahramanmaras province, News.Az reports citing the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation.

The Azerbaijani volunteers have already completed the construction of a tented headquarters and a supply center in the province.

The volunteers are also actively involved in sorting, packaging and distributing food in various districts.  Moreover, a group of volunteers is involved in providing mobile phone energy for the local population, while volunteers with medical education work in a mobile pharmacy of the Türkiye Youth Foundation (TUGVA). They also partake in supplying humanitarian aid, as part of TUGVA mobile teams, sent to nearby villages.

The Azerbaijani volunteers also visited the tent camp of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) with 10,000 victims. In the coming days, two big tents are supposed to be set up in this camp for the distribution of hygiene products, for the entertainment of children, and for psychological assistance.

Furthermore, volunteers visited the headquarters of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations in Türkiye, as well as held meetings with authorized people.


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