Azerbaijanism – an ideology uniting all Azerbaijanis around the globe (ANALYTICS)

Azerbaijanism, as a national state ideology, is a value system based on the Constitution, serving the independence, development of Azerbaijan as a legal and democratic state, and the protection of its national security.

The ideology of Azerbaijanism is an ideology of the Azerbaijani people who chose the independence of Azerbaijan. Along with Azerbaijanis living in and outside Azerbaijan, everyone who wants the independence, unity, and development of Azerbaijan, is the bearer of this ideology.

It is important to promote and transmit this ideology to the next generations.

The promotion of Azerbaijanism has been carried out through various means over the years, such as education, art, and literature, etc.

Azerbaijanism has been promoted through the education system in Azerbaijan. This includes the teaching of Azerbaijani history, language, and culture in schools and universities.

Azerbaijan has also promoted Azerbaijanism through various initiatives. For example, the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was established to promote research and development in the fields of language, literature, and culture.

Azerbaijani artists and writers have contributed to the promotion of Azerbaijanism through their work. They have created paintings, sculptures, and literature that celebrate Azerbaijani history, culture, and traditions.

Azerbaijani music has also played an important role in the promotion of Azerbaijanism. Azerbaijani musicians have created songs and compositions that reflect Azerbaijani cultural identity.

Heydar Aliyev Foundation, a non-profit organization established by the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, works to promote Azerbaijani culture and heritage through various projects, including the restoration of historical sites and the publication of books on Azerbaijani culture.

Overall, the promotion of Azerbaijanism has been a long-term effort, involving various stakeholders and strategies. It has helped to strengthen Azerbaijani national identity and preserve its rich cultural heritage.

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