Azerbaijan’s anti-terror measures made separatist regime existence in Garabagh ‘impossible’ - political scientist

After the successful anti-terror measures of the Azerbaijan Army, a separatist and terrorist regime could not exist in Garabagh, political scientist Tural Ismayilov told News.Az.

Ismayilov noted that the successful policy pursued by Azerbaijan over the past years resulted in the dissolution of a separatist regime in Garabagh.

“Azerbaijan’s full restoration of its sovereignty made the existence of a militarized zone on its territory impossible. The illegal separatist regime could not exist after the Armenian residents of Garabagh welcomed Azerbaijan’s reintegration offer,” he said.  

The political scientist said he thinks that Garabagh Armenians, who had for many years been the hostage of the separatist and terrorist regime, will be glad about the dissolution of this puppet regime.

Ismayilov also commented on the arrest of Ruben Vardanyan, the former “minister” of the former separatist regime.

“Separatist Ruben Vardanyan has nothing to do with Garabagh Armenians. A while ago, Vardanyan appeared in Garabagh as a project. All the speeches of this man are based on ethnic hatred. Vardanyan’s terrorist activities and calls for terrorism on the territory of Azerbaijan were unacceptable,” he said.

“Vardanyan’s arrest once again showed that anyone who violates Azerbaijan’s laws will be held accountable under Azerbaijan’s laws,” the political scientist added.


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