“Azerbaijan’s foreign policy agenda” training held for journalists (PHOTO)

A training session on the topic “Azerbaijan’s foreign policy agenda” was held for media representatives on Tuesday.

The training was co-organized by the Baku-based Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR Center) and the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA), News.Az reports.

The purpose of the training session attended by 25 media representatives was to convey the recent developments in Azerbaijan’s foreign policy agenda and cooperation prospects to journalists specialized in this field, and guide them in media activities related to this foreign policy.

Delivering keynote remarks at the event, Chairman of the Board of the AIR Center Farid Shafiyev emphasized the importance of holding regular meetings with journalists on Azerbaijan’s foreign policy agenda. Shafiyev said new realities emerged after the 44-day war, pointing out the great role of journalists in conveying Azerbaijan’s voice and foreign policy course to the international community.

Executive Director of the Media Development Agency Ahmad Ismayilov stressed the special importance of the training in terms of increasing the practical skills of media representatives who analyze the ongoing socio-political processes and developments both in the country and around the world and convey them to society. He noted that the three-day training on “Post-war realities and media”, co-organized by the AIR Center, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, and the Media Development Agency in January this year, was a serious practical step in terms of increasing the professionalism of Azerbaijani journalists in this field.

“The victory we achieved in the Patriotic War caused a fundamental change in the activities of media as well as in all fields. It is the main topic of Azerbaijani journalism to widely cover the life of every person, who contributed to the achievement of our great victory both on the front and the rear, as well as the ongoing restoration and reconstruction work in the liberated Azerbaijani territories and the “Great Return” process. Now, the Azerbaijani media needs to demonstrate a new conceptual approach to adapt its work to the pace of the victorious country and modern challenges,” Ismayilov added.

Specialized experts of the AIR Center participated in the training session as trainers. Esmira Jafarova, a member of the Board of the AIR Center, conducted training on the “Armenia-Azerbaijan regulation process,” Javid Valiyev, head of department at the AIR Center, on “Azerbaijan-Türkiye relations”, and Naghi Ahmadov, a leading adviser at the AIR Center, on “Recent dynamics in Central Asia, Middle Corridor”.

In the end, the training participants were presented with certificates.


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