Azerbaijan's MFA released a statement on Armenia’s further provocations at Lachin border checkpoint

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan has released a statement on Armenia’s further provocations against the sovereignty of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Lachin border checkpoint, reports.

The Statement reads: "Dispatch of car convoys to the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, under the disguise of “humanitarian aid” and without agreement with our country, by the Armenian side, which cannot digest the existence of the Lachin border checkpoint established by the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to control its borders and prevent provocations by Armenia, is an attack on the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan, and is another provocation against the Lachin border checkpoint.

The fact that the Armenian side took such a step right after the negotiations in Moscow, where among others a detailed discussions on the current situation were held, shows that this country is not sincere in the process, and while escalating the situation, intends to mislead international community.

The mentioned provocation by Armenia, that was followed by June 15-shooting at our border guards in Lachin, and attempted smuggling cases, is a clear example of this country not giving up its insidious aggressive policy.

This provocation once again demonstrates that Armenia’s claims of “tense humanitarian situation in the region” are nothing than the intention to continue manipulation and illegal activities by this country.

Despite the fact that the Azerbaijani side put forward a number of proposals, including the use of the “Aghdam-Khankendi” road and other alternative routes, to meet the needs of the Armenian residents, that were supported by the European Union and the International Committee of the Red Cross, opposition by Armenian side to all the proposals, including the transportation of goods by the ICRC through the roads mentioned by Azerbaijan, obstruction of relevant humanitarian activities, blockage of access to the territory by placing concrete barriers on alternative roads, demonstrates that Armenian claims about the humanitarian situation are nothing than a political blackmail. In addition to politicizing humanitarian activities, these steps by Armenia once again prove that they are in contradiction with their statements regarding the recognition of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Involving the European Union Mission in Armenia and the diplomatic corps as a tool in the aforementioned provocation demonstrates that this was a pre-planned action.

We once again demand to stop such provocations by Armenia."

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