Azerbaijan’s presidential election held absolutely transparently: Arab parliament speaker

Speaker of the Arab Parliament Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asoomi congratulated Azerbaijan on the successful holding of the February 7 snap presidential election.

Speaking at a press conference in Baku, Rahman Al-Asoomi emphasized that the presidential election in Azerbaijan was held absolutely transparently.

“The Arab parliament actively took part in a lot of elections - presidential, parliamentary election or referendums as international observers,” he said.

“As part of the presidential election in Azerbaijan, we visited several polling stations and observed very high activity in all of them. No incident that could be considered as interference with the will of the voters was recorded. Every voter participated freely in the election. The election was completely transparent, and the Arab parliament welcomes this,” the Arab parliament speaker added.

A snap presidential election was held in Azerbaijan on Wednesday.

Azerbaijan’s incumbent President Ilham Aliyev is leading in the presidential election with 92.05 percent of the votes after the processing of 93.35 percent of the ballots.

With a total of 6,478,623 people on the voter list, voting took place at 6,537 polling sites across the country. Over 90,000 observers have enrolled to oversee the election.

The election took place across the entire territory of Azerbaijan, including territories recently liberated from Armenia’s occupation.


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