Azerbaijan’s target is to increase gas exports to European market by two times within five years - President

“We managed to create teamwork. So, that's how it worked. And now, when all these infrastructure projects are ready, it happens that our gas is needed more than ever before. There's a gas shortage in Europe, and our pipeline to Europe is one of the elements of our contribution to energy security,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by China's CGTN TV channel, reports.

“Last year, we signed a document with the European Commission to increase by two times our gas exports to the European market. And we will achieve that target within five years. It is doable, though it will not be easy. So, Azerbaijan, of course, is not a very big supplier of natural gas, but we have our market in Eastern and Southern Europe. And the more gas we produce in the future, the more we will expand our geography,” the head of state noted. 

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