Azercell congratulated our applicants with the record scores! (VIDEO)

The company presented valuable gifts to 27 entrants and 16 children-applicants of our servicemen, died in the Patriotic War

On the eve of the Knowledge Day on September 15, the country's leading mobile operator Azercell Telecom is launching another social initiative for the young generation. Thus, 27 applicants who scored the highest points during the admission exams held by the State Examination Center of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2021, as well as 16 children of our servicemen, sacrificed ther lives in Patriotic War, who were admitted to the universities have been presented gifts to become a valuable support in their educational life.

43 entrants, selected in accordance with the lists submitted by the State Examination Center and “Zafar” Public Union, gained the opportunity to join GencOl 6 tariff from Azercell, which will be active for 12 months. It should be noted that within GencOl 6, the student-subscriber gets a monthly 3GB mobile internet, 300 minutes within the tariff, 3GB to use Azercell applications and chat service in WhatsApp. In addition, seven entrants with the highest scores in the country and four children of martyrs received a 64GB Samsung Galaxy tablet as a gift from the company. At a time when it is important to have easy and efficient access to various information resources, these gifts will help to fulfill requirement of students for additional information.

It should be noted that Azercell Telecom continuosly initiates new opportunities for schoolchildren and students to take advantage of various digital services, containing important data, also organizing scholarship and internship programs for talented students.

The company supports various social initiatives, organizes professional development and online trainings to increase language skills for the families of our brave martyrs who died during the 44-day Patriotic War.

We are proud of our talented young people who have been preparing for the entrance exams with great determination and were admitted to the universities!


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