Azercosmos, Israel’s Spacecom satellite operator sign cooperation agreement

Azercosmos and Israel’s Spacecom satellite operator have today signed a cooperation agreement on the joint implementation of long-term projects, reports.

Spacecom, which is an operator of AMOS telecommunication satellites in the Middle East, Europe and North America, will benefit from the capabilities of Azerspace satellites to expand its service geography, especially in the African region, as well as implement projects on providing satellite services and mobile communications.

“Our cooperation is the beginning of the path towards joint development between Azercosmos and Spacecom. We will increase the number our customers in Europe, Africa and Asia through AMOS satellites,” Deputy Chairman of Azercosmos Fuad Aslanov said.

"We see the use of telecommunication and teleport services of Azercosmos as an important step for the development of our joint space activities. Azerspace satellites are among the most dynamic satellites in the African market and they will provide quality services in digital broadcasting,” said Spacecom's Chief Revenue Officer Yon Rosenberg. 

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