Azercosmos, Prime African Media Systems sign cooperation agreement

Azercosmos OJSC has signed a cooperation agreement with Prime African Media Systems, a telecommunications company providing satellite solutions and teleport services.

Under the agreement, Prime African Media Systems will broadcast ATN TV in the West African region using the capacity of the Azerspace-2 satellite, and in the African region, especially in residential areas without a cable network.

“Azercosmos, by using the infrastructure capabilities of Prime African Media Systems, will provide innovative satellite solutions for hard-to-reach geographic locations in the African region,” said Chief Commercial Officer at Azercosmos Mark Guthrie.

“The joint collaboration with Azercosmos is a great opportunity for the company to educate people and provide any kind of communication through online platforms in the African region,” technical director at Prime African Media Systems Victory Khan said.

Azercosmos is Azerbaijan’s first-ever satellite, which launched Azerspace-1 on February 8, 2013. With its high-skilled personnel and advanced technical capacity, Azercosmos has succeeded in becoming one of the driving forces of the ICT sector both in the country and region during the short period since its inception. The company operates two communications satellites - Azerspace-1, Azerspace-2 plus the low-orbit satellite Azersky.


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