Baku prepares to welcome World Urban Forum - Azerbaijan emerges as global hub for high-profile events

Azerbaijan's success in hosting high-profile events has not only bolstered its reputation but has also elevated Baku's status as a preferred destination for hosting even larger and more prestigious gatherings in the future. The country's proactive approach to international engagement and its ability to create a conducive environment for meaningful discussions have positioned Baku as a dynamic and attractive venue for a diverse range of global events.

In recent years, Azerbaijan has stepped into the spotlight by hosting a string of high-profile global events. Baku has become a real hot spot for international gatherings. This shift is all thanks to Azerbaijan's capability and commitment to hosting events of global significance. Baku has been the stage for prestigious gatherings organized by the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, and UNESCO. These events have not only showcased Azerbaijan's diplomatic finesse but have also put Baku on the map as one of the go-to places for hosting even grander and more prestigious events.

Now, Azerbaijan is gearing up to host the prestigious United Nations World Urban Forum. The announcement came during the 3rd session of the Executive Board of the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-Habitat) held in Kenya. The 13th World Urban Forum (WUF13) is set to take place in Baku in 2026.

According to the corresponding UN resolution adopted in 2001, this Forum is held every two years in one of the world's most prestigious cities with extensive participation in urban planning. In other words, it's the largest platform for exploring urbanization and city development.

The World Urban Forum gathers a diverse array of participants, spanning government officials, policymakers, urban planners, academics, civil society, and private sector representatives. This inclusive, multistakeholder approach guarantees a thorough and comprehensive discussion.

Furthermore, the forum is usually accompanied by an Urban Expo, featuring innovative projects, technologies, and solutions in the realm of urban development. This provides Azerbaijan with a platform to spotlight its recent advances in urban planning and much more.

Baku has indeed transformed into a hub for globally significant events. In recent years, Azerbaijan has successfully hosted the Global Baku Forum multiple times, Formula 1 events, the Astronautical Congress, Baku Energy Week featuring its forum and an oil and gas exhibition, the International Multiculturalism Conference, and various other noteworthy gatherings.

Azerbaijan's success in handling these big-league events has solidified Baku's status as a top-notch destination for future global gatherings. The country's proactive approach to international relations and its knack for creating the perfect setting for meaningful discussions have made Baku a buzzing and attractive spot for a diverse range of global events. 

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