Baku slams Armenian Foreign Ministry’s anti-Azerbaijan statement

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry commented on the anti-Azerbaijan statement issued by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

“The fact that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia hypocritically blames Azerbaijan for military provocations, and contrary to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country encourages the deployment of international mission to the Karabakh region, our sovereign territory, while interfering in our internal affairs, demonstrates once again that this country does not attach any importance to its international obligations,” Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement, News.Az reports.

“It is well-known that, both during the occupation period and after the resolution of the conflict, Armenia has regularly committed military and political provocations against Azerbaijan in order to hinder the negotiation process towards the establishment of peace. As a result of these provocative steps, for nearly 30 years the diplomatic efforts to end the occupation of the internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan have failed,” said the statement.

The ministry stated that currently, the Armenian side’s non-fulfillment of its obligations by not fully withdrawing the Armenian armed forces from our territories is the main source of threat to the security of Azerbaijan in the post-conflict period.

“At the same time, despite all the undeniable facts confirmed at the international level, refuting that the forces existing in the territory of Azerbaijan belong to Armenia, as it did during the occupation, is an indication of how Armenia falsifies the facts. In addition to the provocations committed at the border region, these formations existing in our territory are an obstacle to the reconstruction works of Azerbaijan and the safe return of IDPs to their lands. All Armenian armed formations must be withdrawn from the territory of Azerbaijan immediately,” the ministry noted.

“Armenia, instead of obstructing peace-making efforts and delivering false and deceitful statements, should respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan that includes the Karabakh region in deeds,” added the ministry.


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