Baku strongly condemns "decision" of Armenian "court" on arrest of Azerbaijani soldiers

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan strongly condemns the staged "trial" in Armenia against Azerbaijani army soldiers Agshin Babirov and Huseyn Akhundov, and the so-called "decision" to arrest Babirov, reports.

Armenia, by subjecting Azerbaijani soldiers to cruel physical torture, also subjects them to moral and psychological torture through such a "judicial process".

"By its irresponsible behavior, Armenia once again demonstrates a disregard for the legal responsibility it bears in accordance with international humanitarian law, the calls of the international community for the release of hostages, and the principles of humanism.

The fact that the Armenian side, having taken such actions, did not show a mutual attitude in connection with the confidence-building measures taken by our country without any preconditions for the return of Armenians, in particular more than 10 Armenian servicemen who got lost and crossed the border, indicates that Armenia is not interested in measures to establish peace and trust in the region. The responsibility for undermining efforts to build trust with such an approach lies entirely with the Armenian side.

Armenia must put an end to this subversive activity, accompanied by gross violations of international humanitarian law, and immediately release the hostages.

We call on the international community, relevant international organizations, and non-governmental organizations to exert serious influence and pressure on Armenia so that our soldiers who are being held hostage will be released soon and reunited with their families," the ministry said in the statement.

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