Baku urges Armenia to avoid steps against Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry on Friday demanded Armenia to abandon provocations, responsibly and constructively approach the negotiations on the peace agreement and the opening of communications in the region, to comply with the obligations arising from the Trilateral Statement, including the complete withdrawal of its forces from the territories of Azerbaijan, and to refrain from steps against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan instead of making unfounded statements, News.Az reports.

The ministry stated that the purpose of the provocation committed by Armenia on June 15 against this checkpoint and our servicemen is to hinder the successful operation of the border checkpoint by Azerbaijan and prevent the safe and free use of the checkpoint.

“It is unacceptable to assess the relevant measures taken by Azerbaijan in order to investigate the reasons for this provocation, as well as to ensure the security of the border checkpoint and the passage through it after the attack, which resulted in the injury of a serviceman of the State Border Service, as a “blockade”,” the ministry added.


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