Balance of forces absolutely not in favor of illegal Armenian armed forces in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh district - Defense Minister

One of the units of the Azerbaijani army is quite capable of disarming illegal Armenian armed formations in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh district, Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov said in an interview with local TV, reports.

"We do not highly assess the capabilities of those gangs that remained in Karabakh. We know their numbers, weapons, moral and psychological state. We know what they are capable of. They have absolutely no chance of carrying out any actions against the Azerbaijani army. There may be some small provocations that end very badly for them," the minister said.

Hasanov noted that if they go to provocation, and decide to carry out illegal actions against the Azerbaijani army, one corps of the Azerbaijani army can cope with these illegal armed formations.

"The balance of forces and means is absolutely not in their favor," he said.

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