Biden denies US, NATO involvement in Wagner's mutiny in Russia

President Joe Biden has stated that the US and NATO were not involved in the brief mutiny in Russia that took place over the weekend.

Speaking at the White House, Biden said he was cautious about speaking publicly because he wanted to give “Putin no excuse to blame this on the West and blame this on NATO.”

“We made clear that we were not involved, we had nothing to do with it,” he was quoted as saying by Independent.

The president spoke briefly about the events of the past 72 hours in Russia, where Wagner Group mercenaries seized a major hub of Russia’s defence sector before turning their columns towards the nation’s capital.

Biden told reporters that he had convened the US’s European allies to discuss the political fallout from the mess, and “to make sure that we’re all on the same page”.

Western officials have been muted in their public comments on the mutiny as they carefully watched the series of events in the aborted military coup unfold.


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