Bosnian-Herzegovinian journalist: We support Meshali atrocities victims’ struggle for justice

“After reading the letter from the victims of atrocities committed in the Meshali village of the Khojaly district of Azerbaijan, we want to say that we support their struggle for justice. Victims of genocide in Srebrenica, victims of crimes against humanity committed in Bosnia feel the pain of the victims of Meshali,” said member of the Assembly of Association Mother of Srebrenica and Zepa Enclaves, journalist at Media Center of Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, journalist-editor of Preporod newspaper Ajša Hafizović Hadžimešić, reports.

“The call for peace and just war is our common call. It is a reminder that such atrocities should never happen again anywhere in the world. Today, we are with our friends in Azerbaijan, with their call for accountability and justice because without justice there is no peace. The shadow of the past horrors must not be ignored or brushed aside. It is absolutely critical for the future of humanity for all of us to join forces in order to make sure that this type of atrocities not to be allowed to occur in the future,” the journalist added.

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