Certain forces in Armenia still cherish revanchist ideas: Military expert

Certain forces in Armenia are still cherishing revanchist ideas, Shair Ramaldanov, an Azerbaijani military expert, told News.Az.

The military expert noted that illegal Armenian armed detachments on the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed, regularly open fire at the Azerbaijani Army’s positions.

“Illegal Armenian armed detachments should either be neutralized or withdrawn from the territories of Azerbaijan. These armed groups remain a source of threat inside Azerbaijan. If Armenia fails to withdraw its illegal armed groups from the Azerbaijani territories, Azerbaijan has the legitimate right to conduct an anti-terror operation on its territory,” he said.

Ramaldanov added that in recent days, the Azerbaijani Army’s positions in Nakhchivan have also been subjected to fire by Armenian armed forces.

“Certain forces in Armenia and several countries are interested in further aggravating the situation. Thus, they often resort to provocations against Azerbaijan,” he said.

The military expert emphasized that the Azerbaijani Army is always ready to resolutely suppress any provocations by Armenia.


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