Chronicle of Patriotic War: October 8, 2020

The Azerbaijani Army launched a counter-offensive operation, later called the "Iron Fist", on September 27, 2020 in response to the large-scale provocation of the Armenian armed forces along the frontline.  

The erupted 44-day Patriotic War ended with the liberation of Azerbaijan’s territories from nearly 30-year Armenian occupation.

News.Az presents the chronicle of the twelfth day of the Patriotic War:

- The ministry of defense of Azerbaijan reported that the Armenian armed forces have been shelling the villages of Goranboy, Terter, and Aghdam regions since the early morning hours. There were killed and wounded. As a result of rocket attacks by the Armenian army in Ganja, several civilian objects, one car and residential buildings were damaged.

- a person who posed as a captured Azerbaijani on social media turned out to be an Armenian

- The ministry of defense of Azerbaijan has published video footage of armored vehicles taken as a trophy, which, while fleeing, were thrown in Horadiz by the Armenian military. Later, the defense ministry published another video footage of war trophies captured from the Armenian Armed Forces.

- Armenian armed forces fired at Azerbaijan’s Barda from 'Tochka-U' high-precision tactical missile system. Another rocket fired by the Armenian Armed Forces at Barda hit a restaurant and a school, injuring seven people. Armenia’s Grad missile launcher, which attacked Azerbaijan’s Barda and Tartar, was destroyed.

- Azerbaijan's Ministry of Defense has published another video footage of the destruction of enemy armored vehicles

- 10 shells fired by Armenians from Smerch MLRS were found in Goranboy.


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