Commanders of engineer-sapper units in Nakhchivan involved in training-methodological sessions (VIDEO)

In accordance with the plan for the combat coordination of the Nakhchivan military garrison troops for 2020, training-methodological sessions were held with the commanders of engineer-sapper units, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

During the training sessions, the main attention was paid to classes in the specialty and tactical-special training. In the course of the classes, the methods and means of camouflaging the vehicles in the field conditions, modern antimine protective sapper suits and mine detectors, samples of non-explosive antipersonnel and anti-tank engineering obstacles that will be installed on the front line of defense, trenches, and shelters for military equipment and vehicles, characteristics and the principle of operation of "Pomnis-2" special equipment, designed to clear passages in minefields, the rules for conducting engineering reconnaissance of enemy’s territory and facilities from engineering observation posts were demonstrated.

In the end, the military personnel involved in the training sessions passed tests in physical and professional training.

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