Defense Ministry: Azerbaijani servicemen comply with rules of treatment of civilian population

Daily failures, numerous losses, and loss of important positions during the battles compel Armenia to resort to various methods, Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.  

Based on the principle of “all is fair in war”, the Armenian side has already launched a slanderous and blackening campaign against servicemen of the Azerbaijan Army.

Armenia’s statements that the Azerbaijan servicemen allegedly committed war crimes in the Tugh village of Khojavend region are nothing but slander, the ministry noted.

“As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief noted: “We have never fought or will ever wage a war against the civilian population”. Armenia, however, has once again proved that it has committed a real war crime by brutally subjecting to rocket fire peaceful population in the Ganja and Barda cities,” it added.

The ministry declared that the military personnel of the Azerbaijan Army comply with the requirements of the Geneva Convention and other regulatory legal acts, which are the basis of International Humanitarian Law. This means that the Azerbaijan Army servicemen engaged in the battles to observe the rules for the treatment of the civilian population.


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