Development of educational programs in Azerbaijan (ANALYTICS)

Science, education, and training are strategically important fields of activity of each state and determine the political-economic, social and cultural development of that state. Therefore, every sovereign state pays special attention to the development of education.

In Azerbaijan, along with the development of other fields, special importance is attached to the development of education.

General secondary school education in the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three levels - primary, general secondary and full secondary education, and general secondary school education begins at the age of six. General high school education is carried out on the basis of relevant educational programs (curricula). General high school education in the country is carried out mainly in comprehensive schools, special educational institutions, gymnasiums, high schools, primary and secondary vocational-specialized schools, as well as in schools established under colleges and higher educational institutions.

The purpose of primary education is to create the ability to read, write and count in children, to form basic vital knowledge about people, society and nature, elements of logical thinking, aesthetic, artistic taste and other characteristics. Primary education is carried out according to the relevant educational program (curriculum).

The purpose of general secondary education is to form oral speech and writing culture, communication skills, cognitive activity and logical thinking in students, to create relevant knowledge and ideas about the subjects included in the educational program (curriculum), as well as the development of world civilization, to use modern information and communication tools. it is to provide the ability to assess the events and determine the direction of one's future activity.

Realizing the talents and abilities of students at the full secondary level, preparing them for independent life and choosing a profession, forming an active citizen position, respecting national and universal values, human rights and freedoms, and communicating in one or more foreign languages, etc. is provided. Complete secondary education implies complete mastering of educational programs (curricula) covering all three levels of general secondary school education. The orientation of education (humanitarian, technical, natural and other) is provided at the full secondary education level.

The modern education system, which is the most necessary factor today, is an integral part of the newly formed society.

In order to further raise the level of the education system, infrastructural works should be completely regulated, educational institutions provided with modern technical means should be created, and finally, strong scientific and pedagogical personnel should be formed.

For this purpose, the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has signed various state programs and orders. Thus, in order to create the material-technical, organizational-legal and educational methodical conditions that can ensure the provision of preschool education services at the level of accessible and modern requirements in the country and to achieve high socio-economic efficiency of the preschool education system on this basis, "Preschool in the Republic of Azerbaijan "Renovation of education" (2007-2010) State Program was signed.

At the same time, on "Construction of new secondary schools in the Republic of Azerbaijan, overhaul of existing schools and provision of modern teaching equipment" (2003-2007), "School construction" (2008-2013), "Overhaul of schools" (2008-2013) and the signing of Development Programs on "Equipment of General Education Schools" (2008-2013) formed a strong material and legal basis for the completion of infrastructure works in this area.

The main goal of these programs is to establish a quality education system in the country and realize its positive results. As a result of this, since 2006, various schools of Azerbaijan actively participate in PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS international assessment programs.

It is worth noting the "State Program on increasing the international competitiveness of the higher education system in the Republic of Azerbaijan for the years 2019-2023" approved by Decree No. 711 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, dated November 16, 2018. The main goal of this program is to train a new generation of specialists in Azerbaijan, taking advantage of the most advanced scientific achievements and innovative teaching-learning technologies, to modernize the content and quality indicators of the Azerbaijani higher education system with international dual diploma programs.

Modern Azerbaijani education is developing on the basis of its rich progressive traditions.

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