EU deal to nearly double renewable energy by 2030

The European Union reached a deal Thursday to almost double the share of renewables in the 27-nation bloc’s energy consumption by 2030 amid efforts to become carbon neutral and ditch Russian fossil fuels, News.Az reports citing AFP. 

The provisional political agreement, reached after nightlong negotiations between the EU parliament and states, seeks to raise the share of renewable energy to 42.5% from 22% today.

The EU has set an ambitious target to become a “climate neutral” economy by 2050, with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The move also comes as the EU has sought to slash its dependence on Russian fossil fuels after Moscow cut gas supplies last year and the bloc placed bans on seaborne crude and other petroleum products from the country.

The figure is a compromise between the 45% share for renewables sought by EU lawmakers and the European Commission, the EU’s executive branch, and the 40% preferred by the states.

The previous target for 2030 had been set at 32%.

The proposed directive seeks to cut red tape for renewable energy projects.

The goal is to “fast-track the deployment of renewable energies” as part of the EU’s plan “to become independent from Russian fossil fuels after Russia invades Ukraine,” said a statement from the Council of the EU, which represents the bloc’s governments.

Companies have complained that red tape has slowed the development of such infrastructure.


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