Euro-95 gasoline price grows in Azerbaijan

The price for Euro-95 gasoline has increased by 0.4 manats in Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

The price for the premium gasoline rose from the previous 1.6 manats to 2 manats due to the changes in the global market, as Azerbaijan imports this type of gasoline.

The price of RON-92 gasoline in the country is regulated by the Tariff (Price) Council. The prices for other brands of gasoline depend on their market value. However, the increase in the price of RON-95 gasoline won’t affect the prices of goods in the country due to the use of diesel and RON-92 gasoline by the local carriers. Public transport, cargo carriers, private cars, cars of various services, and others are refueled with local gasoline. RON-95 gasoline is used by high-class cars, the number of which is very low in Azerbaijan.

Moreover, next year it’s planned to start production of EURO-5 gasoline in Azerbaijan. Two million tons of RON-92 and RON-95 gasoline per year are planned to be produced at the Baku Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev. RON-95 gasoline will account for 40 percent, and RON-92 - 60 percent.


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