Euronews: Azerbaijan is preparing for a great year for tourism

Euronews reporter Cyril Fourneris has recently attended ITB Berlin 2023, which ran from 7 to 9 March, to find out for Focus what the world of tourism has in store for the coming year, as experts predict that tourism could reach pre-pandemic levels, according to the article posted on the website of the news portal.

“Azerbaijan is also preparing for a great year for tourism, opening up new air links to Europe, and easing visa provision to enable millions of travellers to take in the sights and enjoy the country’s breath-taking landscape,” the Euronews reporter said.

CEO of the Azerbaijan Tourism Board Florian Sengstschmid told Euronews: "We're very proud of the biodiversity in Azerbaijan. A lot of different landscapes, a lot of new climate zones... A lot of new projects and experiences have been developed over the past years: new hotel openings, so the industry is very active and vivid ".

In his article, the Euronews reporter also highlighted the rich tourism potential of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Morocco, Great Britain and Georgia, noting that the future looks bright for travel in 2023, but with recent economic, health and political events, tourism boards will be keeping an eye on developments.


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