Ewelina U. Ochab’s article in Forbes magazine is on order - political scientist

“Human rights advocate Ewelina U. Ochab’s article in Forbes magazine is on order. Behind it, a trace of the Armenian lobby, which is hostile to Azerbaijan, is clearly visible,” political scientist Tofig Abbasov told News.az.

Political scientist noted that the author of the article actually is not well-informed about the issue: “This is clear from her superficial approach to the issue. However, since the article is on order, the successful policy of Azerbaijan, the correct behavior of the Azerbaijani leader in the world arena, and constructive steps cannot be adequately accepted.”

“Forbes magazine existed for more than a hundred years and its main goal is to introduce successful people and businessmen. But over the years there have been additions to the format of the magazine. The magazine is already reporting on political processes, although it has been more pioneering in the field of business.

Information provision is the driving force behind the development of course. If people are given the right information, they can benefit from the right models from a practical point of view. Bloomberg and Forbes are doing very important work in this area,” he said.

According to Tofig Abbasov, the magazine loses its dividends when it gives the platform to weak, on-order authors like Ewelina Ochab: “Because there is a bias in the article. Nothing is said about Armenia's attack on Azerbaijan and its military campaigns. On the contrary, she tries to paint Azerbaijan as the cause of this opposition. But there is no shortage of information about this in the world. The whole world knows that Armenia occupied 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan for 30 years and we had 1 million refugees. But the author does not give any information about them, about their bitter fate. She is trying to spoil the image of Azerbaijan and discredit its political leadership.”

“In 2020, Azerbaijan brought new life to the region by liberating its occupied territories. By fulfilling the orders of foreign forces, Armenia had clamped down on the South Caucasus. But Azerbaijan has done very important works in the region: it has opened energy and transport corridors, it has done great things in integration. However, Ewelina Ochab, on the contrary, shows Azerbaijan as a contradictory subject that hinders development and integration. It is unfortunate that someone pretending to be a human rights defender wrote this article. However, this method of denial and rejection does not justify itself. I think there is no need to come up with black PR. It just helps the Armenians to implement their destructive policies. After the defeat, Armenia started an information war with special depravity. They think that they can drown our voices with this. However, in Azerbaijan, there are enough political experts and public figures, journalists, and members of NGOs fighting in this information war,” political scientist said.

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