Face masks become compulsory in France

As of Monday, it is compulsory in France to wear face masks in all “indoor public spaces”. The term is not defined in French law and the prime minister has had to clarify the places concerned and how measures will be enforced, including fines of €135 for non-compliance, according to RFI.

The compulsory wearing of facemasks was originally scheduled for 1 August but concerns over a resurgence in new Covid-19 infections pushed the government to bring forward the decree to 20 July.

“As of Monday, wearing a mask will be compulsory in enclosed spaces, as announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex. This concerns shops, establishments open to the public, covered markets and banks,” health minister Olivier Véran tweeted on Saturday.

“Preventative measures and screening remain essential to effectively fight the virus.”

As from Monday, masks will have to be worn in all shops, indoor markets, banks, museums and monuments, indoor car parks, hotel lobbies, train stations and university amphitheaters.

The issue of wearing masks in shops had been a bone of contention.

Until now it was up to individual businesses to decide on whether or not to require customers to wear a mask on entering, putting shop assistants in complicated situations. From Monday all customers will have to wear masks in all shops, whatever their size.

Francis Allard, a specialist on aerosols with the French Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) welcomed the measure, particularly in shopping centers.


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