February 26 proclaimed as ‘Khojaly Remembrance Day’ in three US cities

February 26 has been proclaimed as the “Khojaly Remembrance Day’ in the cities of Fayetteville, Durham and Apex in the US State of North Carolina, the State Committee of Azerbaijan for Diaspora Affairs told News.Az.

The proclamations were signed by Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin, Durham Mayor Elaine O'Neal and Apex Mayor Jacques K. Gilbert.

The documents state that Azerbaijanis living in the cities of Fayetteville, Durham, Apex and around the globe observe February 26 every year as a day of remembrance, honoring the victims of the Khojaly massacre.

The proclamations also point out the contributions made by the Azerbaijan Friendship Organization to the promotion of Azerbaijani culture, language, history and cultural heritage in the abovementioned cities.

The documents have been adopted on the initiative of Adika Iqbal, Head of the Azerbaijan Friendship Organization.

During the First Karabakh War, Armenia committed an act of genocide against the population of Azerbaijan’s Khojaly town consisting of 7,000 people on Feb. 26, 1992.

As many as 613 people, including 63 children, 106 women, and 70 old people were killed as a result of the massacre. A total of 1,000 civilians became disabled in the onslaught. Eight families were completely annihilated, 130 children lost one parent, while 25 lost both parents. Some 1,275 innocent residents were taken, hostage.


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