First of Türkiye twin earthquakes had energy, effect of 500 atomic bombs: AFAD

The energy released by the 7.7-magnitude earthquake had the effect and energy of 500 atomic bombs, Haluk Tatar, General Director of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, AFAD said on Saturday, News.Az reports citing Turkish media. 

He also said that the duration of the first earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7 was 65 seconds, and the duration of the second earthquake was 45 seconds.

With two earthquakes, the region was seriously shaken for about 2 minutes.

On the volcanic activity in the area, Tatar said there are no lava flows, volcanic ash, oil, or gas outflows in the area, according to the observations.

"Our observations are that the event is nothing more than a simple mass movement that is incited by the earthquake and that we see very often after earthquakes."


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