France cannot accept emergence of Azerbaijan as new power center in region: MP

It is not unanticipated and surprising that France’s anti-Azerbaijani stance has become more intensified and destructive recently, Azerbaijani MP Tural Ganjaliyev told News.Az.

The lawmaker said that as is known to all, France acts as the main backer of Armenia and Armenians in the world.

“France has never been interested in a solution to the conflict either as the co-chair of the former Minsk Group for 30 years or after the 44-day Patriotic War. France has done everything possible in order for the conflict to remain unresolved,” he said.

Ganjaliyev stressed that the French-led smear campaign against Azerbaijan is related to the new realities emerging in the South Caucasus.

France cannot accept the emergence of Azerbaijan as a new power center in the region following the Second Karabakh War, the MP noted.

“Azerbaijan has become a new power center in the South Caucasus, pursuing an independent policy. France is also worried about the growing role of the Turkic world and the possible emergence of the Turkic world as a new power center in an area from China to Hungary after the opening of the Zangazur corridor. For this reason, France believes that the new geopolitical realities contradict its interests, and this country keeps pursuing anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish policy,” he said.

The Azerbaijani lawmaker emphasized that even though France is a member of the UN Security Council, Baku does not retreat from its red line.

Ganjaliyev said France is always known worldwide for its destructive plans and activities.

“France continues to implement its aggressive expansionist policy as an imperialist country. I even want to refer to a fact from international relations. For the first time, the term “balance of power” in Europe appeared in international relations after the war caused by Napoleon in France in 1815. At that time, France declared war against Europe by disrupting the balance of power. In 1815, the leading powers in Europe convened the Congress of Vienna to show France its place. I think that it is necessary to convene the Congress of Vienna again to put France in its place,” he added.

The MP said the fact that France has making unjust accusations against Azerbaijan in recent days due to its presence in the UN Security Council.

“Why France? Why should Türkiye not be a member of the UN Security Council? Thanks to its growing reputation on a global scale, Türkiye makes more efforts to restore peace and justice.”

“The current French authorities are incompetent. France does not deserve to have a say in the UN Security Council due to the lack of an influential leader in power after the Second World War, after Charles de Gaulle. I think this issue should be reconsidered,” Ganjaliyev concluded.


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