France pushes Armenia towards revanchism: Western Azerbaijan Community

The Western Azerbaijan Community has said that France pushes Armenia towards militarism and revanchism.

In a statement published on October 4, the Community stressed that the statements of the French Foreign Minister made during his visit to Armenia, including signing an agreement with Armenia on military assistance and strengthening the mandate of the European Union mission, show that official Paris is interested in bringing geopolitical competition to the South Caucasus region and encourages Armenia's militarism and revanchism, News.Az reports.

"France, which for 30 years turned a blind eye to Armenia's occupation of Azerbaijani territories, ethnic cleansing, the suffering of one million Azerbaijani refugees and migrants, even covered all of the above, now speaks about protecting Armenia's territorial integrity, which is a classic example of hypocrisy,” said the Community.

“The French minister, accusing Azerbaijan of Armenians fleeing Garabagh allegedly because of the threat of violence, somehow forgets the shameful history of his country, full of genocides, racism and colonialism. We believe that the French policy in the South Caucasus based on religious prejudice, Azerbaijanophobia and Islamophobia will fail,” the Community added.


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