France is in state of regression and no longer safe place for fulfillment of journalistic duties: Political analyst

That which took place in Nanterre, France, on 29 June - an attack on the crew of AzTv (Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC) journalists whilst performing their professional duties - is not just appalling and deeply worrying, but also indicative that the impunity accorded to this gross violation of the freedom of the press was not a one-off case, but symptomatic of wider issues elucidating the deeply corroded core of French state and society, Orkhan Amashov, an Azerbaijani political analyst, told News.Az.

He stressed that the attack on the Azerbaijani journalists is a blot on the demented consciousness of modern France.

“The facts, as far as can be ascertained presently, give rise to some poignant questions as to the security, the efficiency of the conduct of law-enforcement agencies and the less-than-conducive atmosphere for journalists undertake their metier under strained circumstances,” he said.

“The AZTV crew was attacked by a group of currently unidentified assailants whilst undertaking a report on the consequences of the riot induced by the murder of a 17-year-old Algerian boy; their camera was seized; they were both injured and when they demanded the return of their equipment they were threatened with a weapon. It is evident that their life was in peril,” Amashov added.

The political analyst pointed out that this is a heinously dastardly attack on the freedom of the press and information and a sad reminder that, France, a nation that has long prided itself on its alleged adherence to the lofty ideals of an advanced civilization, is in a state of regression and no longer a safe place for the fulfillment of journalistic duties.  

“It is imperative that perpetrators of this unacceptable attack are brought to justice, yet we have heard nothing but declarative statements by the French authorities, short of a clearly discernible practical intent, rendering my outlook of their genuine willingness to investigate the case rather jaundiced,” he concluded. 


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