France thinks by taking an anti-Azerbaijani position it can increase its influence in the region: Political scientist

"France's aim is to increase its influence in the region. They think that they can increase their influence in the region by establishing close relations with Armenia, by taking an anti-Azerbaijani position," political scientist Ilgar Velizade told News.Az. 

According to the political scientist, French political leaders do not understand the emerged reality in the region: “They widely use anti-Azerbaijani rhetoric. On the other hand, France becomes a tool in the hands of the Armenian lobby. Unfortunately, deluded French political establishment, politicians are in power in France, they are on the wrong track.”

I. Valizade emphasized that this policy is not only against Azerbaijan. "The influence of France has decreased on the Lebanese side as well. They were also in the wrong position in the policy regarding Lebanon. France continues to lose influence in Africa and other Muslim countries."

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