Gas reserves in EU up above 90 bcm again, gas intake at lowest point for December

Gas reserves in underground storage facilities (UGS) of the European Union again exceeded 90 billion cubic meters amid a record gas pumping, reports citing TASS.

Gas pumping continues to be more than 2 times higher than withdrawal from UGS, which is at an all-time low for the end of December. Temperatures above the climate norm have led to a noticeable decrease in gas consumption in Europe and a rapid drop in prices, and the current week is expected to be no less warm.

According to Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), gas withdrawal from UGS facilities in the EU countries on December 26 amounted to only 107.5 million cubic meters (the lowest figure for this day for the entire period of GIE observation since 2011), while the injection in them is 220.5 million cubic meters.

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