General’s Office of Azerbaijan investigates a video message of a Khankendi resident promoting separatism in "Telegram"

The Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan investigated a video message of a person in military uniform who identified himself as Karen Matevosyan residing Khankendi city of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which was published on "Telegram" and other Internet resources on August 21, Press service of the Prosecutor General's Office told

During the investigation, it was revealed that Karen Matevosyan addressed a video message to Armenians residing in the Karabakh region, which is an integral part of our country, illegally referring to that territory as the independent "Artsakh Republic" with its state institutions. Also, declaring that he is the commander of the armed group called "Local self-defense forces", which is neither authorized by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan nor exist within the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, participated in the activities of these armed groups and organizations.

In addition, he delivered hate speech against the Azerbaijani people by labeling Azerbaijanis as enemies and expressing views aimed at degrading the national dignity of our people by urging Armenians living in Khankendi and surrounding settlements not to be afraid and to unite as a nation and fight against the Azerbaijanis. Thus, by using internet resources Karen Matevosyan promoted national hostility and animosity.

As such, on August 22, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan initiated a criminal case and conducted a preliminary investigation in accordance with articles 279.1 (creating armed groups and groups not provided for by law) and 283.1 (inciting national hatred and enmity) of the Criminal Code. 

Necessary investigative measures are being carried out.

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