Global COVID-19 cases exceed 8 million

The overall number of global COVID-19 cases has surpassed 8 million, while the death toll has reached 435,848, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

With 2,093,508 cases and 115,732 deaths, the US continues with the world’s highest number of COVID-19 infections and fatalities, according to the CSSE.

In terms of cases, Brazil comes in the second place with 867,624 infections.

This was followed by Russia (528,267), India (320,922), the UK (297,342), Spain (243,928), Italy (236,989), Peru (229,736), France (194,153), Germany (187,518), Iran (187,427), Turkey (178,239), Chile (174,293), Mexico (146,837), Pakistan (139,230), Saudi Arabia (127,541) and Canada (100,043), the CSSE figures showed.

Regarding fatalities, Brazil has overtaken the UK in the second position with 43,332 COVID-19 deaths.

The other countries with over 10,000 deaths are the UK (41,783), Italy (34,345), France (29,410), Spain (27,136) and Mexico (17,141).


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