Hundreds evacuated in central China after yellow alert issued over rainstorms

Hundreds of people were evacuated in central China as authorities issued a yellow alert against rainstorms, state media reported on Monday.

China's National Meteorological Center issued the alert after heavy downpours hit central and eastern regions.

“More than 3,800 people have been evacuated in the central provinces of Hubei and Hunan,” public broadcaster CGTN reported.

Meanwhile, the Philippines is preparing to face another tropical cyclone which may enter the country this week.

Also, Typhoon Goring, known internationally as Saola, moved north over the Philippine Sea, local media reported.

In Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau said Typhoon Saola “weakened from a super typhoon to a typhoon, and the eye is expected to miss Taiwan, as it swirls through the Bashi Channel,” Focus Taiwan News reported.


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